The church in the city of Tshwane believes that prayer is the starting point for the transformation of our city. We those who hold Jesus Christ dear as their Lord and Saviour to join us as we express our trust in God, though prayer, for our city. Imagine the impact as the greater body of Christ in the city joins together to pray 24 hours a day for the 7 days up to the local government elections.

Would you join us as we pray for all the people of our city to participate in the election with reverence to God and with wisdom from God. May God’s peace reign over our city during and because of the outcome of the elections. We also continue to trust to reach those far from Him, bring churches closer together and see the power of the gospel at work practically in our city. May we see His kingdom come in every home, workplace and city street.

Follow these simple steps:

Reserve one or more 15min prayer slot. By logging in and providing us with your contact details we will remind you of your prayer slot via e-mail the day before and through an SMS 15 minutes before it is your turn to stand in the gap for our city.

When your chosen slot comes up, fill your place in the continuous conversation with God for our city in a place of your choosing. We would love for you to participate in the Tshwane Prayer Journal where you can follow on the prayers and proclamations of those who prayed before you and also leave what God impresses on your heart for the city.

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